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19th & 20th MAY 2021            CET zone


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8:45 CET                                                                                                         Opening of the Conference by the Chairs:                                                        Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute &                                                            Natal Dank, Author of 'Agile HR' &                                                                    Urban Björn,                                                                                                    Former SVP, Swedbank, Founder at Business as Equals


09:00                                                                                                             Latest Market Trends, Technology & Tools  for                                                   Global Talent Acquisition -                                                                                 Sam Joukhadar, Global Head of TA, SEB

Q&A with Sam

10:00                                                                                                                      Unlocking Intrapreneurial and Innovation Power of                                              our employees globally -                                                                                   Elena Galkina, VP, Head of People, Ericsson

  • People Story of Ericsson
  • Ericsson ONE: internal accelerator for employees with pioneering new business ideas
  • People and the Innnovation process.
  • Intra Fellowship concept: creating awareness and mobilizing talents. How COVID has impacted this.
  • Key messages and Achievements
Q&A with Elena

11:00 CET                                                                                                              Coffee & Networking


10:30                                                                                                                  Practical Uses for Skill Data -                                                                            Peter Riber, Head of Digital Learning & Analytics,                                               Novo Nordisk

  • Join us to learn how Novo Nordisk is providing a correlation between learning, behavior and business outcomes.
  • Peter will detail their learning strategy and how their direct marketing approach is putting the right content in front of the right people, at the right time.
Q&A with Peter

12:50 CET                                                                                                       Lunch & Networking


11:20                                                                                                              Develop for Growth: Our Performance Management set up -                           Jenny Hjalmar Åkerblad,                                                                              Leadership & Competence Devt. Mgr., IKEA of Sweden

  • Our new take on PM, promotes: continuity, regular dialogues both in the individual and the team dimension, relevant goal setting, feedback culture and focus on future performance rather than the past.
Q&A with Jenny

11:50                                                                                                                Accelerating our Digital journey; how global                                                          HR service was enhanced at Kemira -                                                                Mirka Janhonen,                                                                                            Director, Digital HR and Workplace Devt., Kemira

  • Discover how Kemira, a global chemicals company serving customers in water intensive industries, defined and implemented a HR Service Delivery solution with UKG-PeopleDoc to complement the current offering with SAP SuccessFactors to support its 5,000 employees spread across 40 countries.

  • Learn how Mirka and her team defined the approach for implementation; integrated the two solutions; ensured compliance and data privacy needs; and captured the business benefits.

Q&A with Mirka

15:10 CET                                                                                                         Coffee & Networking


12:20 Reverse Mentoring Program: empowering Diversity & Inclusion - Nina Falkstrand, Head of HR, R&D, Scania

  • By matching senior managers (the mentees) with newly employed female employees as the mentors, we have created an arena for exchanging knowledge and insights about how it is to be young, female and newly employed in a male dominated company (and industry).

Q&A with Nina

14:10                                                                                                            Driving transformational growth with                                                               Virtual Leadership Development -                                                               Magdalena Karlsson, Global L&D Partner, KRY &                                           Jordy Sijmonsma, Sr. Transformation Consultant, CoachHub

  • In a fast growth organization like KRY, how do you ensure that an increasing amount of new leaders are fully equipped with the tools they need to become leaders of tomorrow?
  • At the same time, how do you equip the current leaders with the tools they need to adapt to a changing environment?
  • Join Jordy and Magdalena and discover how KRY are scaling workforce learning and development with digital coaching.
Q&A with Magdalena & Jordy

13:40                                                                                                                    HR's role in Reinventing the Future -                                                                Troels Wendelbo, Sr. HR Director, People Partner for CFO,                                LEGO Group

  • Learnings / Reflections on HR's role:

  • Be ultra-sharp on deep Purpose

  • Keep (at least) one foot in the Oxytocin part of the arena

  • Avoid the “Maginot-line trap”

  • Be the organisational “there is a new day” optimists

  • Focus on what we need to STOP doing

Q&A with Troels

14:40                                                                                                                 Our HR transformation Journey, from a                                                              HR generalist model to a centralized model -                                                    Nelia Lapa, Global Head of HR Services, Norsk Hydro

Q&A with Nelia

17:00 CET                                                                                                         Wrap-up & End of Day 1                                                                                17:10


15:30                                                                                                                How to prepare your company for the Skills of the Future -                              Jennie Drimmer,                                                                                              Senior Regional Director for Enterprise, EMEA, Coursera

To succeed through a period of great disruption, companies face a pressing need to accelerate their building of new digital skills. Join Coursera for this session to:

  • Understand how skills development can offer your company a competitive edge
  • Determine the value of upskilling and reskilling within your business context
  • Learn about trending skills within the Nordic region

16:00                                                                                                              Panel Discussion with                                                                                              Liz Elder Global Director, Talent, LEGO Group &                                                      Borbála Molnár, Global Leadership Program Mgr., Nokia &                               Sam Joukhadar, Global Head of TA, SEB &                                                      Nelia Lapa, Global Head of HR Services, Norsk Hydro

  • Where do you see HR in 2025?

  • How do you properly engage a Remote workforce?

  • Which HR competencies will impact personal effectiveness and business results?

  • What organizational capabilities should HR professionals embed in their organisation?

  • How do you develop and enrich your business remotely?

  • How can Big Companies keep the Entrepreneurial spirit alive?

9.30                                                                                                                  Business Empowerment of the                                                                      Cross-Border Mobility Agenda – A Nokia Case Study -                                    Liesal Rudlin, Head of Global Mobility, Nokia &                                                Gareth Davies, VP Technology Solutions, Equus Software

  • Nokia Mobility programme context

  • Digital Transformation in the Nokia business

  • Using technology to transform and empower the Mobility Talent Agenda.

  • The changing mobility landscape and how Nokia are seeking to manage remote workers

Q&A with Liesal & Gareth

15:45                                                                                                                Your journey with Top Employers -                                                                      Steven Hormann, Regional Manager NL & Nordics,                                            Top Employers Institute

  • Discover the world of Top Employers

  • Benefits of participating and how the Certification Programme can help your organisation overcome current challenges

  • Best Practices of Top Employers around the world


12:20                                                                                                              Panel Discussion with                                                                                      Annee Bayeux, Chief Learning Strategist, Edcast &                                              Gareth Davies, VP Technology Solutions, Equus Software &                                    Natal Dank, Author of 'Agile HR'

  • What is HR's Role in Defining the Future of Work?

  • How to reimagine what’s next for the HR profession?

  • Why are some companies able to stimulate creativity and initiative among their employees more effectively than others?

  • Is Remote working here to stay? How does it impact HR?

11:00 CET                                                                                                         Coffee & Networking


11:20                                                                                                                  Our Wellbeing Story; we realised our wellbeing levels                                    sucked and what we did about it -                                                                           Astrid Sundberg, Chief HR Officer, Shortcut

  • WELLBEING! Expectation vs Reality

  • What we discovered

  • What we had to do

  • Contents of our Wellbeing Programme

  • What impact did it have on employees?

  • What did we learn and what would we have done differently?

Q&A with Astrid

10:30                                                                                                       Managers Make the Difference in 2021 -                                                              Kate Feeney,                                                                                                        Sr. People Science Consultant, Glint

  • What if every team had an inspiring and effective manager?
  • A few key areas of support can help you and your managers build a flourishing organizational culture.
  • Join this session to learn about the key priorities for supporting managers to be successful in 2021 and beyond.
Q&A with Kate

14:10                                                                                                                How Digital Transformation unlocks your                                                          company’s Productive Potential -                                                                          Maria Duni, Country Manager, Nordics, Personio

  • People are the single biggest influencer on the success of any business

  • After all, it is the employees who come up with innovations, develop and market products and look after customers.

  • A company would be nothing without its employees.

  • And that's why the role of HR managers is so critical - to recruit the employees, to develop them professionally, and even to make sure that we receive our salary at the end of the month.

  • We believe, HR managers are the real heroes of a company.

  • It’s time to invest in digitizing your workflow so that your team has more time for value adding tasks.

Q&A with Maria

11:50                                                                                                                Democratize to Energize: How to leverage your                                              SMEs to deliver higher impact learning -                                                                  Sally Atkinson, Global Learning Director, Tetra Pak &                                      Annee Bayeux, Chief Learning Strategist, Edcast

  • Learn how the move from a traditional top-down content creation process to empowering SME's to collaboratively build learning led to higher impact
  • Understand the new role of L&D and where it can add more value with SME's at the heart of content curation and creation strategies using modern learning technologies
  • Why Sustainability is critical to the mission of Tetra Pak and how this influenced the development of the program
Q&A with Sally & Annee

12:50 CET                                                                                             Lunch & Networking


13:40                                                                                                                  Characteristics of Antifragile People and Organisations -                                    Tom Haak,                                                                                                      Director, HR Trend Institute

  • Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb invented the word "Antifragile" for "things that benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty.".

  • Tom will talk about the characteristics of antifragile personalities and antifragile organisations, and he will explore how HR can strengthen antifragility.

Q&A with Tom

10:00                                                                                                                  Novo Nordisk Employer Branding Journey – from research through devt. to activation and scalability  -                                                                                  Hans Ubbe Ebbesen, Global Head of                                                               Employer Branding & Onboarding, Novo Nordisk

Q&A with Hans

14:40 Panel Discussion with Elena Galkina, VP, Head of People, Ericsson & Jenny Hjalmar Åkerblad, Leadership & Competence Devt. Mgr., IKEA of Sweden & Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute & Urban Björn, Founder at Business as Equals

  • What is the role of HR professionals in undertaking HR innovation?

  • How do HR professionals create and utilise knowledge resources required for HR innovation?

  • Technology: Ally or Enemy of the Human Experience at Work?

  • How can you define and deliver diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) to have sustainable impact?

  • Why are some companies able to stimulate creativity and initiative among their employees more effectively than others?

  • How do you empower multidisciplinary teams to be self-managed with a customer-centric focus?

9:30 CET                                                                                                    Humanize your brand and transform your hiring -                                             Frederik Ballon, VP, EMEA Revenue &                                                               Erin Douglas, Director, EMEA Solution, iCIMS

  • Why brand voice and employees are taking your recruiting center stage

  • Talent expectations are evolving

  • The 3 core pillars to humanize your brand

  • Case-studies

Q&A with Frederik & Erin

15:10 CET                                                                                                        Coffee & Networking


15:30-16:00                                                                                                  Master Employee Experience -                                                                          Søren Smit,                                                                                                   Author of ’Mastering Employee Experience’ and                                                Director of EX & CX product devt., Ennova

  • Employee experience highlights 2021 – brand new results from Ennovas global GELx survey

  • What capabilities, tools and governance does it takes to master the employee experience?

  • Practical examples from EX champions

Q&A with Søren

Future of Work
HR Technology
Resourcing/ D&I
AI & Machine Learning

Employee Exp./ Engagement

Move Freely between the Tracks


THURSDAY 20th MAY 2021

Move Freely between the Tracks


9:00                                                                                                                Transforming the global cash industry and                                                          the importance of HR to make it happen -                                                         Mårten Lundberg, CHRO & Anette Furbo, Country CEO, Loomis

  • Loomis Group strategy & transformation

  • People Mgmt. as key within business transformation

  • Group HR actions in order to support local transformation

  • Nordic/Danish market in transformation & business update

  • Customer expectations/services today/tomorrow

  • Leadership & people mgmt. when driving change

Q&A with Anette & Marten

10:30 CET                                                                                                              Coffee & Networking


9:30                                                                                                                    Skills: The key to translating business                                                            strategy to People Strategy -                                                                              Mikaël Wornoo, Founder & COO, TechWolf

  • How can you define your Strategic Workforce Plan based on your (future) business challenges?
  • How can skills help you execute your plan in the most effective way?
  • How can AI support skill-based processes and Strategic Workforce Planning?

Q&A with Mikaël

12:50 CET                                                                                                      Wrap-up & End of the HRcoreNORDIC seminar                                                  13:00


11:20                                                                                                            Expectations vs. Reality:                                                                                    How to Get Your Learning Culture Right -                                                        Neelie Verlinden, Digital HR Expert &                                                                  Miguel Hånberg, Presales Consultant, Talentsoft

Many companies claim to offer an excellent learning experience, but often things aren't exactly what they seem. This is what's missing in most organizations:

  • Knowledge of current workforce capabilities and where the gaps are

  • The right learning culture and realization of continuous learning

  • The tools to make learning successful

Sounds familiar? In this session, Neelie Verlinden (HR Journalist & Content Manager at Talentsoft) speaks with Miguel Hånberg (Pre-sales consultant at Talentsoft) about the current state of the learning culture in organizations and how this can be improved.

Q&A with Neelie & Miguel

11:50 Panel Discussion with Kasper Willemann, Head of People Tribe, Danske Bank & Mattijs Mol, Global Head of HR Impact & Insights, Wärtsilä & Uma Ranganathan, Sr. Leader People and Leadership, Equinor & Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute

  • Which challenges will HR face the next 12 months following the COVID-19?

  • What should HR work focus on, contribute, and deliver?

  • What is the biggest impact the epidemics will have on your company?

  • What are the most needed actions in supporting the workforce at its current state?

  • What does machine learning and AI mean for HR?

  • Five years from now, which HR processes will be critical to have automated?

10:00                                                                                                                How we use Design Thinking to improve our                                                    Digital processes and Employee Experience -                                               Sandra Dillon, Global VP Talent Development, Kemira

  • Moving from reactive HR to reimaging better Employee Experience starts with data insights, Digital HR and a problem worth solving!
  • HR has become one of our early adopters of design thinking & service design methods for more iterative co-creation (5 step approach Explore, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Finalize)
  • Moving from HR designed processes to enabling moments that matter for our employees and business has meant redesigning performance management & development, recruitment & internal talent market - our journey continues at Kemira
  • In my role leading Talent Development globally, I will focus on how we have used these new ways of working to improve employees’ experience of learning and growing “Growth” at Kemira
  • We explore what this reimagined HR practices looks like, how to get started, experimenting and sustainable transformation
Q&A with Sandra

10:50                                                                                                                What is Digital Transformation about? -                                                                    Uma Ranganathan,                                                                                              Sr. Leader People and Leadership, Equinor

  • The people side of Digital Transformation
  • What are the opportunities when studying the increasing User Experience from a D&I perspective

Q&A with Uma

8:45 CET                                                                                                        Opening of Day 2 by the Chairs:                                                                        Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute &                                                          Natal Dank, Author of 'Agile HR' &                                                                    Urban Björn,                                                                                                    Former SVP, Swedbank, Founder at Business as Equals


Agile HR
HR Technology

Employee Experience

AI & Machine Learning

Talent/ Leadership Devt.                Cultural & Digital Transformation


10:30 CET                                                                                                              Coffee & Networking


11:20                                                                                                            Systems Process Training -                                                                          Reducing costs and improving end user performance -                                     Ben Galloni, EMEA Pre-Sales Director &                                                       Brendan Scullion, EMEA Sales Director, Assima

Q&A with Brenda & Ben

10:00                                                                                                                 Co-creating great Employee Experience with Agile HR -                                   Natal Dank, Author of ‘Agile HR’

  • In a disruptive and pandemic world, it's all eyes on HR, as we help organisations rapidly respond.

  • Not only do we need to keep our people safe and focus on wellbeing, HR now play a critical role in helping business navigate complexity and adapt at speed to changing customer and market needs. Agile mindset and ways of working are now crucial capabilities for all HR professionals.

  • We also need to play a role in guiding wider business agility and modernise our people practices for the future of work. Agile HR is an exciting new topic, but it can be intimidating at first and hard to contextualise.

  • Natal will help you understand what Agile means for HR and how we can apply the mindset and tools to co-create great employee experience.

Q&A with Natal

10:50 Fostering Agility through leadership Training @ Telenor​ - Marlena Sofia Rasmussen, Global L&D Partner, Telenor

Q&A with Marlena

9.30                                                                                                             Current Trends in Corporate Learning -                                                                Marc Sachon, Professor of Production, Tech. and Ops. Mgmnt. & Arve Utseth, Associate Director Intl. Executive Programs, IESE Business School

In a rapidly changing world, companies face constant challenges in attracting, developing, and retaining talent.

Continuous learning and development of new skills and mindsets are key elements in efficient use of corporate talent, especially for those on a leadership path.

In this session we will share insights on how we at IESE help corporations worldwide address their learning and development challenges, through innovative and flexible executive education propositions, in close cooperation with HR and Learning executives.

Q&A with Marc & Arve

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