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Scandinavian HR Practices defining the Future World of Work

18th & 19th MAY 2022      


Best HR Events 2023
HRcoreEVENTS by Teneo
  • 30+ expert speakers

  • 80+ countries represented

  • 2000+ HR professionals ONLINE

  • 20+ Case Studies from Scandinavian Organisations

  • 6 Panel Discussions on the most pressing topics

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The prestigious 'IMD World Talent Ranking 2021' and the 'Global Talent    Competitiveness Index 2021' rankings of INSEAD put Denmark, Sweden,           Norway and Finland in the top 10 most Competitive countries when it              comes to  Attracting, Growing, Retaining, Diversity & Inclusion and Entrepreneurial talent.


As the global health crisis redefined the way people and companies work,  those who invested in a digitally savvy workforce, accelerated the adoption of online tools, and found novel ways to upskill talent, managed to gain an edge!


Scandinavian companies are well ahead when it comes to HR operating   models and  are a definite source of inspiration for the changing times            we live in.


​​​More than ever, it's important that executives involved in people strategies          take the time to understand the business environment and society.          Scandinavian Leaders have taken this seriously and acted upon it...and                let's not forget that Nordic people have the highest wellbeing and       happiness rankings as well!


During these two days, Scandinavian organisations will present Best Practices on how they managed to shape and accelerate the Future of Work by focusing on HR Agility, Recruitment, Leadership Devt., Employee Experience, Diversity & Inclusion, Trends, Cultural & Digital Transformation, Upskilling, Work-life balance, International Mobility, People Analytics and much more.

Are you ready to Maximize Your Potential?


​Join us and 2000+ HR professionals and rethink the organisation of the future.

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