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HRcoreEVENTS by Teneo


TUESDAY 29th MARCH 2022, 9h00-10h00 CET

'HR à la carte' –

How to deliver a hyper-Personalised Employee Experience that

works for each and every Individual?

Panel Discussion

9h00 CET


Joe Slater,

Country Manager & Sr. Marketing Director NE, UKG




As some organisations are still trying to grasp what the impact is of the Great Resignation on their daily operations, many have already experienced what the new normal is for their employees.

With finding purpose of work now being the North star for many individuals, most HR leaders observe that everyday employees expect more and more from their employers; Work flexibility, autonomy, less hierarchy, renewed performance models, access to specific HR services online and on-demand… the need for a customised approach to work is growing and there are almost as many frameworks as there are individuals.

This new agenda for a hyper-personalised employee experience is a challenge for HR operations as they need to find the right balance between customisation for everyone and fairness and equitable treatment for all.


This Panel of exciting expert speakers will discuss about their vision of

a new hyper-personalised People agenda in the near future and what it takes to actually get there. ​

  • Do organisations need to fully customise their HR services or

       should they focus on the moments that matter? How to manage   

       the need for customisation at scale?

  • Customisation v. Equity – HR has always been focusing on  designing processes that are fair to everyone and that don’t create inequality within the workforce. Can offering more customisation create more difficulty? ​

  • How to be sure you know what people want? Personalising the employee experience requires a deep understanding of your workforce, how to make this happen so that it still makes sense for everyone?  



10h00 CET

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